The menu

The continuous search for quality, art, respect for tradition and the perfect combination are a few of the key values of our cuisine.

We want every dish to be a sensory experience. Tradition and the uniqueness of conviviality are the common threads of the construction of his style of cooking. The raw materials, always of excellent quality, are prepared as if to create a single ingredient of a unique dish.

Always attentive to the evolution of social customs, our chef Simone has created a marriage between classical training and the innovation needed in the kitchen to always stay in step with the times and with the renewed demands of the clientele, to the extent that he has also included pizza on the menu, meeting with great success.

Pinsa & Burger Delivery

Due to its ancient origin, the Roman pinsa is considered the ancestor of pizza.

Thanks to a light dough made from wheat, rice and soy flours, the pinsa is crunchy on the outside and soft inside.